Monday, 24 January 2011

Young Great Whites don't have the Bite - ABC Science

photo credit Wikimedia Commons

Forgive me if I thought this was completely adorable.

New research out of Australia suggests that although young sharks definitely have the teeth and muscles to chomp down on big meals, their still-developing jaws may be too weak to handle such a bite. This may explain why many shark attacks off the Australian coast are only one bite, after which the shark quickly swims away.

"Most shark attacks are carried out by young sharks that are still testing their environment and aren't yet sure what they can eat.

'The great whites involved are usually juveniles that might sustain jaw injury if they persevered with the attack,' says Co-author of the study, Dr Vic Peddemors of the Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre."

Main author, PhD student Toni Ferrara, describes these sharks as "just awkward teenagers."

Well sorry, but that's damn adorable.

Full article here (ABC Science)

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