Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shark Fin, Sea Cucumber Exports Banned in Marshalls - Marianas Variety

That would be me and a sea cucumber

The Marshall Islands in Micronesia have been experiencing a rise in their illegal shark and sea cucumber fisheries. Concerned about overfishing, species depletion and illegal exporting, Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Director Glen Joseph has announced a moratorium on all trade and export of both sharks and sea cucumbers, and their products.

“No one is registered and authorized to fish for sharks, but there are substantive reports that it is happening,” he said.

The same situation appears to be happening with sea cucumbers.

“'Any company involved is required to register and get authorization from the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority to export sea cucumbers,' Joseph said.”

The issue for the sea cucumbers of the Marshall Islands is that there are currently no regulations in place for harvesting.

“'So MIMRA has instituted a moratorium on sea cucumber trade until we develop a management plan,' Joseph said.”

Sea cucumbers are often sold in Asian countries as traditional medicine for all kinds of circumstances from pail alleviation to aphrodisiacs. Whether these treatments actually work or not is debatable.

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  1. I hate those stupid "traditional medicines". They are wiping out animals at a ridiculous rate for NO REASON. Ugh.

  2. Wow, this is crazy interesting! I always wanted to be a marine biologist...ended up in the Air Force and theatre business instead. I'll be following this blog for sure!

  3. "Traditional medicines" means "cure" for some and "money" for others.Unfortunately "others" are way more than "some" :(