Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gulf Oil Spill v2.0

photo credit Jerry Moran

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So what happened in the meantime? Well, I'm sure you've all heard by now about the second Gulf oil spill. It's just kind of amazing...the things that go on in this world...

For those late to the party, here's a rundown:

Slicks were sighted via helicopter on 18 March around the same area as the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling site. There were multiple reports of slicks about 100 miles long. It was confirmed on 20 March that the oil was not coming from the Deepwater Horizon site.

"State agents traced back the oil to an Anglo-Suisse well about 30 miles southeast of Grand Isle that had been plugged for permanent abandonment. It's not clear how much oil leaked from the well, but it's surely more than the 5 gallons Anglo-Suisse originally told the Coast Guard had leaked."

According to Anglo-Suisse, the leak has been plugged. However, evidence suggested that oil continued to flow days later.

New oil has been found on Louisiana shores, and cleanup crews still working almost a full year later on the BP spill now have an added burden.

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