Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Great White Shark Jumps from Sea into Research Boat - The Guardian

Just kidding, this is from "Jaws"

Okay I was just about to go to bed, but I've GOT to say something about this.

A great white shark jumped into a research boat. A GREAT WHITE SHARK JUMPED OUT OF THE WATER AND INTO A RESEARCH BOAT. [Insert "we're gonna need a bigger boat" joke here.]

I'm sure we've all witnessed the awesomeness that is to be seen when a great white jumps out of the waters off Seal Island, South Africa during Shark Week (which is fast-approaching!). Sharks in this area swim up quickly from beneath their prey - fat tasty seals - and launch themselves out of the water in spectacular displays of pure power.

"Dorien Schröder [team leader at Oceans Research] recounted how she pulled her colleague to safety before the shark, weighing about 500kg (half a ton) landed on top of the bait and fuel containers. At first half of its body was outside the boat but in a panic the shark thrashed its way further on to the vessel, cutting the fuel lines and damaging equipment before becoming trapped between the containers and the stern. The crew found safety at the bow of the boat."

What happened next? Schröder was kind enough to keep water flowing over the shark's gills to keep it alive. Another boat was sent out to try to remove the shark from the research vessel, but was unable to. The vessel had to be towed back to port WITH THE SHARK STILL ON BOARD. Then a crane lifted it off and back into the water. Then the shark freaked out and beached. Then the people tried to direct the shark out of the harbour to the sea, but the shark wasn't getting it. Finally the shark was literally dragged out of the harbour by a rescue vessel and swam away.

And I thought I had a bad day.

Full article here (The Guardian)

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