Thursday, 26 May 2011

Let's Talk Dolphin! - The Guardian

photo credit Stephen Frink, Getty Images & Science Faction

"It started out as the dream of a maverick 60s scientist, but new experiments mean we may soon be able to converse with dolphins."

Don't get your hopes up, kids - but I think it's now widely accepted that dolphins do communicate in one form or another.

This short article from The Guardian introduces a study that is to be commenced later this year attempting to introduce dolphins to human words in their own language of clicks and whistles.

"Later this year, divers will slip into the waters off the coast of Florida wearing a newfangled device that can listen and respond to wild dolphins by producing its own noises for words such as "seaweed". If the dolphins pick up the new language, the next step just might approach a rudimentary conversation."


Full article here (The Guardian)

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