Monday, 31 May 2010

Big Oilmance - BP Oil Spill - YouTube

Found this one via BPGlobalPR, a fake account on Twitter that mocks BP's lackadaisical PR and cleanup attempts. If you're on Twitter, definitely follow them!

A user on YouTube has created a Lady Gaga cover with lyrics about the BP oil disaster, and it's kind of hilarious, in a bittersweet way. She does state:

"I didn't make this because I think this tragedy is funny. It is not funny. However, shedding light on the most devastating environmental disaster in our history, is my way of coping with the little impact that I as one person will have during this time."

So don't get all offended. I think we all know this is in good fun (and a little frustration). Venting is good, people!

Anyway, def check it out below!

Video here (YouTube)

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