Wednesday, 26 May 2010

UN Fish Stocks Review Opens with Dire Outlook - Associated Press

The world's fish stocks are not looking good. The UN has estimated that 75% of stocks fished on the high seas are overfished and in danger of collapse. This is particularly bad for the 3 billion people (half of the planet) who depend on fish as the main protein source in their diets.

Species especially at risk of collapse are larger fish with long lifespans and low fertility rates, namely tuna and sharks.

"Palau's U.N. Ambassador Stuart Beck said the killing of 73 million sharks a year, just because people like the way their fins taste in soup, shows just how badly wrong things have gotten with ocean mismanagement.

"The key is not to focus on the numbers so much as the fact that if we extrapolate these data the estimates are that global fisheries will crash, completely crash, by 2050, in little more than one generation,"
said Susan Lieberman, international policy director for the Pew Environment Group.

So how is an environmentally-conscious seafood lover supposed to enjoy a nice meal without feeling like he or she is contributing to the problem? Check out this post about buying your seafood sustainably!

Full article here (Associated Press via Google)

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