Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hundreds of Discarded Toilets and Tires Discovered at a California Reef - Discovery News

And now for some more interesting (and slightly amusing...slightly) news:

"Over 300 discarded toilets, along with other unusual garbage, have been discovered at a reef off California's Malibu coast."


The University of California Davis Wildlife Health Center and California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project are teaming up to remove the junk. Since May 2006, they have removed 17 tons of commercial and 1,400 pounds of recreational fishing gear. However, this is the first time they have removed items such as these, which included about 300 tires in addition to the toilets and other garbage.

photo credit Discovery News

"No one at present knows who dumped the toilets and tires.
But everyone can help clean up California's underwater coast by reporting sightings of lost fishing gear or loss of gear to (888) 491-GEAR (calls are toll-free) or to"

Full article here (Discovery News)

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