Friday, 23 July 2010

Large China Oil Spill Threatens Sea Life, Water - Current

photo credit AP Photo, Jiang He, Greenpeace

Because we haven't had enough of these recently.

A pipeline along the Yellow Sea owned by China National Petroleum Corp. burst last Friday, spilling heavy crude into the surrounding area. Cleanup efforts have been small due to a lack of equipment, and one responder has already drowned in the oil. What a terrible way to go...seriously.

""We don't have proper oil cleanup materials, so our workers are wearing rubber gloves and using chopsticks," an official with the Jinshitan Golden Beach Administration Committee told the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper, in apparent exasperation."

Wait, really? Was he joking?

""The oil spill will pose a severe threat to marine animals, and water quality, and the sea birds," Huang Yong, deputy bureau chief for the city's Maritime Safety Administration, told Dragon TV."

Fishing has been banned in the affected area until the end of August.

Full article here (Current)

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