Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Phytoplankton Bloom off Iceland - Earth Observatory

Check out this photo! Featuring one of my favourite types of all sea creatures...phytoplankton! Yes, I love my little algae.

Below the photo is a cool mini-article suggesting that perhaps the phytoplankton bloom begins in winter, as opposed to spring as most scientists have traditionally thought.

Full article/photo here (Earth Observatory)


  1. Hey you!

    Havent stopped by in a little while and I was a wondering what you were going to say about the Plankton.

    tried to refresh a few times but for some reason the Picture you are commenting about is not there. Not even and X screen.

    Figured you might want to know.

  2. Hello sir :)

    Did you mean on my blog or the linked website? I didn't actually post the photo to this entry itself, but it's linked at the bottom. It's weird, the site is working for me...oh well!