Wednesday, 28 July 2010

WDCS Set to Challenge Government Decision at the Highest Possible Level - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society International (WDCS)

photo credit WDCS

The UK's kinda not doing it for me right now. I want to go home.

Government officials over here have given the go-ahead to two oil companies to begin seismic exploration in search of oil in the Moray Firth, Scotland. Oh, and that's a Special Area of Conservation.

Seismic exploration is disfavored by marine mammal groups as it interferes with cetaceans' hunting and communication. Another cause for concern is the potential long-term damage of the noise, such as hearing loss or causing the animals to leave the area permanently.

"One of the areas outlined encroaches within the boundary of the Special Area of Conservation, which was set up under European legislation to offer protection to what is one of just two resident, and internationally important populations of bottlenose dolphins in the UK...The government has a responsibility to consider the unknown, longer term behavioral impacts on this small population, which already faces the ongoing and cumulative effects of other threats such as; multiple harbour developments, increasing vessel traffic and noise from future pile driving for hundreds of wind turbines and oil and gas development."

As environmentalists in the UK warily watch the unfolding of the Gulf oil spill in the States, they can only wonder what the possible outcome could be if oil is discovered during these exercises.

Full article here (WDCS International)

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