Monday, 4 October 2010

Mexico Expected to Sue BP Over Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico - AOL News

Good. I was wondering when this was gonna happen.

"Three Mexican states, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo, have already filed claims against BP, citing a similar list of grievances as their American counterparts: damages to fishing and tourism. Now the federal government may be joining that list, at least to reclaim the $35 million that it has spent monitoring the oil, the last remnants of which could hit Mexican shores this month."

Mexico probably knows what it's doing, too. The Ixtoc 1 spill leaked oil onto American shores and caused an international lawsuit in 1979. Mexico, however, claimed sovereign immunity and refused to pay. We'll see how it goes the opposite way.

Full article here (AOL News)

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