Thursday, 7 October 2010

U.S. Establishes New Offshore Guidelines - Calgary Herald

Change is good, but some things will not be changed - like the current moratorium on deepwater offshore drilling. And that's good too.

"There will always be risks associated with deepwater drilling, but we will only lift the suspensions when I am comfortable that we have significantly reduced those risks," U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said.

Even still, the moratorium is due to end next month...and they're trying to end it even earlier. So...I guess we're not really accomplishing anything. The report on the investigation into the cause of the Deepwater Horizon disaster isn't due until December. Personally, I think they should wait to lift the moratorium until then. Doesn't that make more sense? That's probably why they aren't doing it.

Canada's watching the States. They're also working on updating their offshore drilling regulations - particularly in the arctic. A tropical blowout doesn't really apply to drilling in frozen oceans, but Canada's team will be keeping an eye on the developments.

Full article here (Calgary Herald)

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