Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dolphin Hunt Kicks Off In Japan - Ecorazzi

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Yesterday was the first day of the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji - the subject of the film "The Cove." How many dolphins were caught? None!

That's right, in a happy victory of dolphin over dunce, not a single dolphin was caught for the start of the slaughter.

Originally, there was a protest scheduled for yesterday in Taiji, but it had to be cancelled due to threats of violence against the activists.

"Regarding his decision not to protest in Taiji, O’Barry wrote on his blog: “Our work in Japan has never been about confrontation. We believe we are making progress by bringing the truth to the people of Japan about the dolphin slaughter and about mercury-poisoned dolphin meat in markets. We will not play the game that the nationalist groups want us to play – we will not have it become “us versus them”, a battle between dolphin hunters with their militant nationalist supporters and the foreigners who want to ruin Japan’s culture.”"

Unfortunately, ten dolphins were not so lucky today. To learn more about the Taiji dolphins and how you can help, click here.

Full article here (Ecorazzi)


  1. Aw, that's so sad! Poor dolphins... D:

  2. Now I accept that countries have traditions and cultural history to uphold and things like that, but there are millions of traditions that we don't do now because they are considered to be, by modern day standard, cruel or inhumane or just not acceptable.

    It was tradition to excecute people by cutting off they're heads. Going further back it was traditional to let people die of starvation in the sun as they were tied to a cross.

    Do we still use these methods? I'm pretty sure we don't. Yet when it comes to animals, people still insist on it. Dolphin Hunts, Seal Clubbing, Shark Fin Soup, Whaling, Bull fighting. Bollucks to these traditions and the people that uphold them. Crucify them.

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