Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Something Completely Silly

image credit BBC

So my sister sent me a link yesterday and I was introduced to a show called "Walk on the Wild Side" on BBC One. It has nothing to do with conservation. It has nothing to do with news. It has nothing to do with marine resource management. But it does have some sea creatures in it, so that's enough to post it here, right?

Basically it's animals "talking" over nature footage. This makes me with I had TV...I could seriously watch hours of this - and I did on YouTube yesterday.

Farting Dolphin

Singing Sharks

I couldn't find this one alone, but the Superhero Seal Pups at the end of this video are hilarious.

There's a couple more with some dolphins and an elephant seal, and plenty with other types of animals. I recommend you spend your day being productive and watching all of them.

Link here (BBC)

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