Friday, 20 August 2010

BP Oil Spill: Barack Obama Dives into Safety Debate with Gulf of Mexico Swim - The Guardian

photo credit Reuters & Pete Souza

"As a result of the clean-up effort beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, they are safe and they are open for business," Obama told reporters. "That's one of the reasons Michelle, Sasha and I are here."

'Bams and the fam fam visited Florida for a special Gulf holiday this week in order to prove the Gulf states are a safe vacation spot again. The states have been suffering from a large decline in summer tourism as a result of the spill.

I'm all set with a Gulf summer vacation, but I'd like a few more of these photos.

Mmmmmm, giiiirl...
All hail the Chief. :P

Full article here (The Guardian)

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