Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Scientists Draw Ancient Squid using its own 150 Million-Year-Old Ink - MNN

photo credit BNPS

Things that make you go "hmm..."

"An ancient squid was so remarkably well-preserved, that scientists were able to draw a picture of it using its own 150 million-year-old ink."

This is strange, but it's also cool. It's awesome when paleontologists find super-old, super-well-preserved stuff. Squid ink wasn't on the list of things I'd assume they'd find, but it's cool nonetheless.

Not all of the ink sac remains were used, as findings like this are very rare, but the scientists "just couldn’t resist creating the drawing."

Says Dr. Phil Wilby, leader of the excavation: ""We felt that drawing the animal with [it's ink] would be the ultimate self-portrait.”

Full article here (MNN)

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  1. That is cool. Can't say that or do that with/about "Man".