Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Pictured: The Whales once dubbed the 'Devil Fish' that now want Tourists to Tickle their Tongues - The Daily Mail

photo credit Mark Carwardine & Solent

Thanks to my sister for forwarding on this gem:

"They were once referred to as 'devil fish' for the way they attacked whalers, but these enormous grey whales are now dubbed 'the friendliest in the world' as they rest their heads on boats and demand to be tickled."


I really don't know what to say about this. On the one hand I disagree with following around wild animals trying to pet them, but on the other hand this is AWESOME. Apparently they like it. According to the article and the fishermen in the area, if you don't pet them, they get upset! They swim around until they find someone who will!

"It is very much like a dog sitting at your feet near the fire...I would never normally agree with touching wildlife but these whales demand to be touched - they really enjoy it and come to you," says zoologist and television presenter Mark Carwardine.

I might have to get in on this. You know, for the whales. Not for me or anything...

Full article here (The Daily Mail)

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