Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Signs of Oil Spill Recovery entering New Phase - Washington Post

Did I say I liked Bo? Goddamn I should just stop giving my opinions here. Bo thinks the cleanup efforts in the Gulf need a "scaleback."

"Dudley said it's "not too soon for a scaleback" in the cleanup, and in areas where there is no oil, "you probably don't need to see people in hazmat suits on the beach.""

You're right, let's get those cleanup workers out of there because their clothes are ugly. No one wants to see that, sheesh. But honestly, why have they sent hazmat to areas with no oil? Either there really is oil, or they're fucking around with their money.

"He added, however, that there is "no pullback" in BP's commitment to clean up the spill."

Skeptical. But okay.

People have been thinking that since the oil is degrading away from the surface, the problem is ending. Sorry, wrong.

"Diluted and out of sight does not mean benign,"says NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco.

Commercial fishing in Louisiana has been re-opened, but the fishermen there are far from jumping for joy.

"Rusty Graybill, a boat captain from Yscloskey, La., who fishes for crab, oysters and shrimp, said "It's a joke. I'm pretty sure I'll go out and I'll get oil-covered shrimp. They capped this well and now they're trying to say it's OK."

Full article here (Washington Post)

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