Thursday, 5 August 2010

BP Oil Spill Mostly Cleaned Up, says US - The Guardian

photo credit Herald Herbert & AP

What the fuck?

Can I just leave my whole review as that? 'Cuz that about sums it up. How in the hell did half-assing BP and government workers clean up 205 MILLION gallons of oil in about 100 days? Please. PLEASE! Is anyone actually buying this shit?

"The White House energy adviser, Carol Browner, said a new assessment had found that about 75% of the oil had been captured, burned off, evaporated or broken down in the Gulf."

This is ridiculous!! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's gone, assholes. If I hide a lion in my bedroom, guess what? You can't see it, but there sure as hell is still a fucking LION in the bedroom (get in the car).

So, the static kill worked. That's great - don't get me wrong. I was very pleased to hear that news. The well has been plugged, the gushing is over. But we still have to deal with all of the oil that's still in our waters and on our shores...And no - It's not mostly gone.

Full ridiculous article here (The Guardian)

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  1. I'm still wondering what ever happened to that large gash that was reported 10 miles from the platform that exploded.

    But, yes, you pretty much summed up how I felt when I read this story ... what the fuck, indeed.