Friday, 18 June 2010

Deep Sea Fish 'Mystery Migration' Across Pacific Ocean - BBC

"Deep sea fish species found in the north Pacific Ocean have mysteriously been caught in the southwest Atlantic, on the other side of the world."

image source BBC via A. Arkhipkin

A giant rattail grenadier, a pelagic eelpout and a gonate squid have been found on the Patagonian Shelf off the Falkland Islands. No one knows just how they got there, but it is suspected that they were transported via deepwater currents.

"These flow south, across the equator, moving past South America underneath another northbound flow called the Humboldt Current. Finally, this flow mixes with another called the Upper Circumpolar Deep Water to pass through the Drake Passage, which separates South America and Antarctica, to the Southwest Atlantic."

Full article here (BBC)

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