Thursday, 10 June 2010

Whale Shark Sightings Baffle Scientists - AJC

Oh man. Oh man.

photo credit AJC, Lilia Gonzàlez, Kanché AC
The white ovals are boats. See all those gray specs? Those are all whale sharks!

Oh man.

If there's anywhere in the world I want to be right now, it's in the northern Gulf of Mexico off of the Yucatan Peninsula. Outrageous numbers of whale sharks have been sighted there, and scientists don't know why.

"“The sheer number of anecdotal reports from the public is amazing,” said Sarasota-based shark scientist Bob Hueter. “There’s obviously something going on.”

The sharks usually gather in this area during the summer months to feed in the productive waters, but the numbers spotted this year are "unprecedented." There was a change in course in the "loop current" in the Gulf this year, which may have moved the animals further north than usual, resulting in huge aggregations.

Someone please buy me a flight there?

Full article here (AJC)

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