Thursday, 24 June 2010

Oil Cap Removed: Oil Spill Now Gushing Unchecked - Huffington Post

This is fucking ridiculous. How many things are going to go wrong here? Isn't this one incident proof enough that maybe we shouldn't be drilling miles down into the ocean?

A robot knocked the cap off of the well. A ROBOT KNOCKED THE CAP OFF OF THE WELL. How ridiculous is that?

Meanwhile, the six-month moratorium on new offshore drilling has been blocked by a US District judge. Obama is appealing the ruling. In a surprisingly sane move:

"Several companies, including Shell and Marathon Oil, said they would await the outcome of any appeals before they start drilling again."

I guess they don't want their asses on the line. But who could blame them? I'd be cautious too. I think everyone should be, but apparently not all of us are.


"BP said Wednesday that [BP Managing Director Bob] Dudley has been appointed to head the new Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, which is in charge of cleaning up the spill. He takes over from BP CEO Tony Hayward, who has been widely criticized for his handling of the crisis."

I guess you can get back to your life now, Tony.

Full article here (Huffington Post)


Cap replaced: link
This article also mentions two clean-up workers have died, causes unlinked as of yet, but I'm suspicious.

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