Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Birds, Fish, Crabs Coated - National Geographic

Newest photos of the victims of the oil spill.

My friend was looking over my shoulder as I looked at these.
"Don't look at those, they're sad," he said.
But people need to look at these. This is what's really happening - right now. People need to face this and be aware of the realities. A lot of times, when something is sad, or hard to cope with emotionally, people try to avoid it. But nothing gets done that way. The problem doesn't disappear if you avoid it.

So please check out these photos, and pass them along to others. Everyone needs to see this.

The little hermit crabs break my heart.

photo credit National Geographic, Charlie Riedel, AP

Full article here (National Geographic)

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