Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dos and Don'ts of Oil Spill Action: How You can Really Help - MNN

"The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a disaster that cries for action. Fight the urge to race to the Gulf and instead put your energy into these activities."

I am going to disagree with one thing in this article, as many of the commenters have already. I DO think we should boycott BP GAS. As one commenter mentioned, gas station owners make considerably more profit for themselves through the items in their shops, which are usually owned by a separate corporation than the gas provider. Profits from buying gas largely end up going back to the oil companies. So, by all means please go in and buy your Coke Zeros and your Pringles from the shops at BP gas stations, and help out the employees there. After all, this isn't their fault. But DO boycott the GAS FOR YOUR CARS.

Full article here (MNN)

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