Friday, 18 June 2010

Saving Endangered Feces - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

"We have always known that whales are more valuable alive than dead, and now German and Australian scientists have discovered that even whale shit is valuable and contains some fifty tons of iron annually that has to be among one of the most unusual remedies for global warming."

Hmm...Well that's...novel.

According to a study headed by Trish Lavery of Flinders University, whale poop removes about 240,000 tons of carbon from the environment.

"Whale feces contributes more to a healthy planet than anything humans do. What the whales take from the environment, they return with interest. Humanity, on the other hand, plunders without guilt or remorse with the arrogant justification that we are semi-divine and all of nature is to be ours for the taking."

In conclusion, Capt. Paul Watson always has the perfect words to drive a point home:

"We need their shit. They don’t need ours!"

Full article here (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

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