Friday, 18 June 2010

EU Ends Bluefin Tuna Season Early Over Depleted Stocks - BBC

photo credit BBC

Raise your hand if you saw it coming!

Tuna fishing grounds in the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic have been shut down to industrial purse seine fishing methods, which make up over 70% of tuna catches.

"The Commission has declared a zero tolerance approach towards overfishing and will take all necessary measures to ensure full compliance across the board."


Purse seine fishing is arguably one of the worst fishing methods out there. It's massively scaled nets allow for the enveloping of entire schools of fish, leaving none behind. This is extremely dangerous when we're talking about an endangered species - or any species for that matter. Fishing as "efficient" as this wipes out entire local populations and erases genetic diversity - which is key to healthy populations worldwide.

But don't worry, the populations aren't "that endangered" - just ask Japan!

Personally, I've taken tuna off my menu (and effectively that of those around me). There's just something messed up about eating an
endangered species.

Full article here (BBC)

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