Tuesday, 22 June 2010

What Happens When Oil Collides with Coral? - CBS News

Trouble in the Florida Keys.

Marine scientist Meaghan Johnson has been building a nursery for corals for nine years. Coral reefs in the Keys have been ravaged over the past few decades by disease, rising water temperatures and pollution. Johnson takes clippings of corals and raises them into new structures; much like a botanist would do with a plant. Once the corals are old enough, they can be transplanted into a reef to replace damaged corals.

photo credit CBS News

But now a new threat looms only a few hundred meters away...oil.

""It's definitely devastating to watch what's happening in the gulf and know that it could come here," Johnson said. "I think we are all worried about what's going to happen in this project.""

Full article here (CBS News)

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